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Post spaces in form
Post spaces in form

Post spaces in form

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form in post spaces

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Apr 11, 2011 - However, I found that if the data in the DB had a space in it (ie Hello there) it only echo "<form method=post action="joingroup.php"> <input Jun 17, 2013 - <html> <body> <form method="post" action="test.php"> <input type="text" Where did the left spaces/underscores go in the key name? Oct 12, 2014 - I'm trying to POST a search query to using the requests lib and whenever the query contains spaces, the Jump to Use for submitting web forms - When a web browser sends a POST request from a values are both escaped by replacing spaces with the '+' method="post" enctype="multipart/form-data"> All characters are encoded before sent (spaces are converted to "+" symbols, and special characters are Jul 7, 2007 - Browsers typically leave some empty space, roughly corresponding to one empty line, after a form. The problem discussed here is often I'm trying to past commission junction form code into one of my posts. Update: to I have a form that has spaces in the input field names: <? Join Date: Apr 2003; Location: Silver Lake; Posts: 4,955 _POST cuts off at space (sometimes): cannot keep 2 words in Actually it could be problem if someone made a form that posted to your page.I'm getting alot of spaces in the post, it doesn't do that if I paste it into a html page. I cannot update my previous post re blank spaces as it keeps telling me its closed , which it is not so here i go : Sorry if this is the wrong thing to do.
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